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The Senior Housing sector, including Assisted Living, has remained resilient throughout the recession during the past 5 years. The cost/rates for Assisted Living continue to closely parallel the multi-family and hospitality sectors.

Assisted Living Costs Rise 5 Percent Long Term Care Insurance Reports American Association for Long Term Care Insurance.


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The transition of adult day health care centers in California into the newly created Community Based Adult Services programs includes a proposal that all providers must become non-for-profit entities to be eligible to receive Medi-Cal payments.

The proposed new requirement that CBAS providers be not-for-profit to qualify for Medi-Cal funding goes back to the inception of the program in 1978 at which time the majority of the providers were non-profit. Not until the mid-1990’s, when the program mushroomed, did a majority of s providers become for-profit. Historical statistics indicate that prior to about 1996, 75% of ADHC centers in California were not-for-profit and 25% for-profit, whereas after about 1996, the reverse was true – approximately 75% of adult day health care centers were for-profit and 25% not-for-profit.Certainly exempting specialty and rural centers whose populations might otherwise not have access to the services currently provided by ADHCs is one method of attempting to insure that the frail elderly with acute needs who rely on and benefit from the services will continue to receive them under the CBAS model. Other strategic for-profit centers that may elect not to convert to a non-profit status might be targets for acquisition by not-for-profit centers seeking to expand their services.

Read the California Healthline Capitol Desk post by David Gorn, Monday, January 9, 2012:


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Affordable Seniors Developer Launches New Website Targeting Its Market.

Seniors housing continues to become an integral part of the main stream housing sector, as seniors adapt to and embrace technology.

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A Possible Solution to the UK’s Housing Crisis for the Elderly.

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REALTOR® Magazine-Daily News-Boomers Expected to Change Housing Priorities.

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This is not a new discussion and has fueled the concept and popularity of ‘aging-in-place’. The rise of assisted living facilities as an alternative to maintaining individual home ownership strives to provide a ‘home-like’ atmosphere and individual freedom to the residents in a communal setting that gives the provider basic oversight and centralized ability to care for and attend to the daily needs of the aging, including social interaction, activities, learning  and excursion/travel opportunities. Yet sometimes more intensive care becomes necessary, usually resulting in nursing home placement. Perhaps it is time to consider a reformation of the philosophy and practices of these institutions.

Spending on Long-Term Care Accounts for Large Share of Medicare Costs – California Healthline.

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Findings: Older Adults and Social Media | Pew Internet & American Life Project.

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