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Listening to NPR’s ‘Morning Edition’ on my daily walk this morning, I heard a report about homelessness and children. The reporter informed listeners that children under the age of five years old make up about fifty percent of the population of homeless children. These children, said the reporter, are often invisible, and then explained:  These children are seemingly invisible because homelessness is not restricted to those leaving on the streets and in open spaces. Homelessness includes families who have taken up residence with relatives, and frequently move from the home of one relative to another when the family can no longer be accommodated, as well as families living in shelters and transitional housing. The segment included interviews with several persons who work with these children, including preschool teachers. One teacher commented that she no longer has ‘Share Day’ because some of the children have no toys to share. Why eliminate ‘Share Day’? Instead, re-engineer ‘Share Day’ and create an opportunity for any child who wishes to participate by allowing the child to share a thought, idea, dream, or something about her-/himself, such as a favorite (least favorite) color, food, day of the week, season of the year, thing to do, etc. This ‘Share Day’ may provide wonderful insight for the teacher, and may even inspire future lessons.


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Pre-K Funding Drops

Children are one of our most precious natural resources. It is not only logical, but imperative that the nation invest in its children. Early Childhood Education benefits the child academically and behaviorally, helping to ensure that the child will complete his/her formal education and become a productive citizen and self-sufficient adult. These children are the individuals to whom the older generation will be entrusting their futures. By investing in our children we are investing in ourselves.

Children are the only form of immortality we can be sure of.   –  Peter Ustinov


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MU News Bureau | MU News Bureau. Link to the full story about the importance of early childhood education programs for establishing a foundation for educational success. Preschools are an important part of every child’s development.

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The attached link to Marcus & Millichap research brief discusses rising small business optimism, the increase in new small businesses, hiring and the impact these will have on the economy and commercial real estate. As always, the blog is clear, concise and informative.

The increase in new businesses and hiring is  good news for preschools that may have experienced a decline in enrollment during the recent recession. Children who may have been taken out of preschool to be cared for by friends or family who were not employed or became unemployed  will likely be returning to school  as new jobs are created, hiring increases, and caretakers return to the workforce.

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